First UI pass

Can’t do any gameplay balancing on this thing until I have some specific pixel locations, therefore I needed to start on UI design.

UI Sketch

I began by asking myself “What information needs to be known and how important is each piece of information compared to the others?” Then I asked “How can I structure the elements so that elements with related information are in visual proximity of one another?” I also had to keep in mind the importance of visual appeal and how the layout would affect the experience as a whole.

Game Color Study

It wasn’t until I listened to a potential music style for the game that I realized the final layout. The intensity of chipzel’s aesthetic is so front and center that a passive two-column layout (my original layout idea) would have conflicted with the musical vibe.

The most interesting part of the game is going to be the characters+animations so this needs to be front and center and be complimented by the music.

UI Mockup

The musical style also helped determine the color palette. The game takes place in the jungle and the music is going to be intense and “thumpin’” so I used warmer greens and the buttons are going to be warm and intense.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress and none of the art is at all finished (The character is just a stand in as well). Just wanted to give the world a peek into my process.


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